Car-craft are a co-operative of quality smash repairers that are the recognised leaders in the smash repair industry and the first choice of the motoring public for smash repairs and motor vehicle maintenance.

Membership is by invitation and the Board of Directors conducts checks to ensure that the prospective member will enhance the image and maintain the standards of quality workmanship and superior service expected from Maddington Smash Accident Repair Centres.

Thinking of joining Car-craft?

Car Craft focuses on networking, mentoring, seminars, training and lifting standards in the body repair industry.

The group holds regular events, including training seminars, members meetings at different workshops and sundowners, which all offer the opportunity to expand the knowledge and business skills of the group as a whole.

Any group is only as strong as its weakest member, so it is essential that those who wish to apply to become a member of the co-operative have a quality smash repair business.

Application alone does not guarantee membership.

Membership Criteria:

  1. Image of the business (Does your business look professional?)
  2. Licensed Motor Body Repair business
  3. Hold equipment essential for providing quality professional results
  4. Using the correct methods of repair
  5. Willing to be an active member of the group
  6. Willing to adhere to Maddington Smash Code of Ethics
  7. Willing to support Maddington Smash preferred supplier network
  8. Have a good name and reputation in the marketplace

Application Process

  1. Meet with the Business Development Manager who will explain how Car-craft works and will leave you an Application Pack, which will include the following documents:
  2. Meeting at Maddington Smash to discuss:
    • How Maddington Smash operates in greater detail, and
    • What expectations Maddington Smash will have of you and your business.
  3. Make sure you have all the equipment shown on the checklist to ensure eligibility to become a member.
  4. To alleviate any concerns in joining, we suggest you talk to:
    • Car-craft
    • Your current suppliers and those of Car-craft
    • Motor Trade Associations of Western Australia and/or Queensland
  5. Submit completed Application for Membership Form.
  6. A director(s) will conduct an audit of your premises and photographs will be taken to support your application
  7. Application for Membership will be submitted to the Board for consideration and the director(s) who conducted the audit of your premises will present your application to the Board on your behalf
  8. If approved by the Board, Car-craft members are advised and have seven days to raise any concerns about your application
  9. Management will review any concerns raised as part of Car-craft due diligence
  10. Car-craft management will confirm in writing the group’s decision