Spectratek unveils new generation rail system.

Recently the team from Maddington Smash were looking for a curing system for their newly renovated smart repair area. Upon much research they decided upon Spectratek 8000s rail system to be installed in the smart repair spray area.
The system has 2 rails the run the length of the spray area and a heavy duty gantry that holds the 2 head IR curing system. The system is operated from an external control box in which the curing parameters can be pre –programmedto your paint companies curing specifications This only has to be done once. Then all is required is locating the light which is effortless and hitting the go button.
From here the Spectratek microprocessor takes over the job measuring the panel in 36 different locations dynamically ensuring the perfect result every time. The intelligent senor called TISS is a pioneering system to take the guess work out of paint curing.
Along with the rail system the team at Maddington have also purchased a 3400S which is a mobile unit for small smart repairs, this also has the intelligent curing sensors for trouble free and fast paint curing.
This will enable the team at Maddington smash to potentially speed up processes by over 65%.
This will help the team ramp up volumes in the smart repair area and allow for faster thru-put and increase volumes.
Darren the proprietor of Maddington smash made the following comments….

We are very excited about Car-craft’s partnership with Bodyline and commend the board and members on their forward thinking.
We see it as a fantastic initiative and one that truly benefits all the members and can only be seen as a positive to the group.
We have embraced the full range of Finixia products and see it as great value to our businesswith the ongoing backup and service of Advantage Solutions Wa as well as the expertise of Grant and his team at Bodyline.
Late last year we undertook a review and streamlining of our business to enable us to keep pace with expectations and service levels from our customers and work providers.
With the help of Grant and his team we retro-fitted one of our existing Spray booths with the Spectratek  IR rail system.
In conjunction with this , a mobile unit for smaller repairs and fast curing of primers allowing same day repairs.
As with any major upgrades and improvements it wasn’t without it’s challenges.
Without the hard work and numerous hours by our manager Paul Northcott, Geoff Chandler, Jason Hamling and our entire workshop staff  this would not have been possible.
Not only did our Paint shop staff re-model  our entire paint shop they also managed to keep up production and quality at the same time, an absolute credit to them all.
Like any business we are only as successful as our people and it is down to the hard work of our  dedicated team and the ongoing support from our work providers  and suppliers that will enable Maddington Smash Repairs to continue to survive and thrive in a very difficult and changing environment.