Our people are our best asset



Administration Officer

                 Adrienne is one of the reasons Maddington Smash Repairs has grown to be the success it is today. As a respected and long term member of our staff her value to our business is enormous. With a professional manner she brings an unmatched knowledge of the motor claims process. Adrienne will answer all your questions, alleviate your concerns and guide you through your motor accident claim with ease.

                  As one of our front line office staff Adrienne will always greet you with a smile.

Margot Paul

Accounts Administrator

Margot has been with Maddington Smash Repairs since the partnership change over , now 10 years ago.
She has provided a guiding hand and brought with her a wealth of experience critical to the strong position our company has grown to enjoy today.

Having previously run a successful small business along with her husband in the hospitality sector her knowledge and advice has been invaluable.

Margot is a fiercely loyal employee and respected not only within our company but throughout the industry.


Lorraine Howard

Office administrator

Lorraine has been with Maddington Smash Repairs coming up now 5 years strong.
Lorraine handles all areas of the claims process as well as accounts and administrative duties.

A true all-rounder in the office who is ever reliable and always there to provide a friendly helping hand.
Her bright, bubbly and infectious personality makes her a valued member of our team and a favourite among our loyal customers.